Real Estate Photography Services

About Us

We provide photography and technology services to help real estate agents and brokers stay ahead in a rapidly changing market.


Real estate agents will continue to play a central role in the residential sales model. We provide photography and technology to help you stay ahead in a rapidly changing market.

It is still early, but the market is evolving rapidly from both a technology and regulatory standpoint. The NAR litigation and ruling is only a precursor to greater change. What won’t change – we believe real estate agents will continue to play a critical role in residential (and commercial) real estate transactions. We’re Switzerland in all of this. We’re building, testing, and refining a SaaS and logistics platform providing digital video, computational photography, 3D imaging, and related marketing services to real estate agents. We believe that simple, affordable, transparent tech-enabled media services will be critical for agents to “plug into” in the coming years.  Agents will continue to “place the listing on the MLS,” but it is also likely to flow seamlessly into the big platforms – Google, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, etc. to provide the greatest efficacy for the agent, home seller, and home buyer.

Our Story

Chicago- and Tampa-based tinkerers and innovators with a history of building companies like,,, etc.

Hi, I’m Tim Landon and Jeff Urgo, my partner, was one of my VPs of Sales in the early days of building  Anoop Aryal, our other partner, has worked with me in various other ventures.

We have been involved in building an automotive network over the last five years.  The network provided photography and video services for approximately 1.5 million vehicles last year and it will grow again this year.  So we know a little about scaling.  

We’re still early in real estate but are testing a similar model. We provide specialized vertical SaaS applications through the integration of hardware, software, logistics, and services to deliver digital video, computational photography, and 3D imaging to auto dealers and real estate agents.  

In other words, cutting out the tech mumbo jumbo, we take a lot of photos and videos of cars and homes and help auto dealers and real estate agents distribute the content online. 

You can see more background at Ergo Ventures & Advisers or just give me call at 312-804-4828.  Always glad to chat.